Signs you may need white fillings in Wimbledon

Our teeth go through quite a lot from our daily diet and activities, and over time this continued abuse can start to manifest itself on your teeth in the form of cracks, damage and decay. Fillings tend to be the best way of countering this, but for many patients it can be hard to tell when you need them and if these kinds of problems are left unchecked, they can become much worse.


So with that in mind, here are a few signs that mean you may need to come in for white fillings in Wimbledon.

What are fillings?

Coming in for white fillings in Wimbledon is fairly common and a lot of our patients end up with one or more at some point in their lifetime. The fillings are basically a covering that we place on your teeth to fill in any cracks or holes and to prevent the further spread of any decay that might be eating away at the enamel of your tooth or the insides of it.

What causes tooth decay?

 Tooth decay is fairly common amongst patients and the causes can surprisingly vary.

As an example, decay can start to appear if there are cracks in your teeth or if you have managed to damage them, either through a fall or while playing sports. Another common cause for decay being present in a patient’s teeth is if they have a poor oral health routine. Not regularly cleaning your teeth can cause plaque to build up, which  can cause degenerative diseases like gingivitis to occur.

Diet also plays a huge factor, as food and drinks that are high in acidity can speed up the rate at which your teeth wear down.

At Wimbledon Dental Care our talented team will help you diagnose the source of your problem quickly to get you on the way to a healthier smile in no time at all.

The signs of tooth decay

As we mentioned above there are a number of different causes of tooth decay, but there are signs to keep an eye out for.

For example, if you start to experience a constant throbbing or sharp pain in your teeth that doesn’t go away, even after you use pain killers, then you should immediately contact the practice for an appointment. Or if there’s a lot of sensitivity when you chew or touch one of your teeth.

Should you ignore it?

In any case of suspected tooth decay you should absolutely not ignore it. If you do, you will open yourself up to more decay, as well as infections that could spread into your jawbone and disintegrate the bone and cause more teeth to fall out, or become loose. You will also be susceptible to gum disease and potential tooth extraction, to contain and prevent any further infections or decay from occurring.

These are just a few interesting facts about fillings and what signs you should keep an eye out for. If you would like to know more or need to check if you require a filling then contact our practice and have a chat with our team.

Isn’t it time you got in touch with Wimbledon Dental Care and see why our patients are always smiling?

Wimbledon Dental Care is located in the very heart of Wimbledon and since 1950, we have been dedicated to providing not only a first class dental service, but unrivalled patient care. We believe that our patients are at the very centre of our practice and we are pleased that many of our new referrals come from family and friends of our existing patients. So whether it is routine and preventative dentistry you require, or a cosmetic treatment to give you whiter teeth, Wimbledon Dental Care is your go-to dentist in Wimbledon.


Why choose us?

A great smile is probably the most precious gift any of us would love to give to ourselves. A knock-out smile can increase our confidence and sense of well-being and really put a spring back into our step. A fantastic smile and whiter teeth are no longer reserved for movie stars and celebrities. Modern advancements in dental technology can help to deliver whiter teeth and a killer smile, at a cost that will frankly keep you smiling.

 Who are we?

Wimbledon Dental Care is not just about cosmetic dentistry. We specialise in a wide variety of dental treatments that will get you smiling again. Preventative care is at the heart of good oral health and regular check ups and cleaning is essential to optimising your dental health. Beyond this,we offer general dentistry, including extractions, root canal treatment and, when necessary, emergency appointments. Our team also has vast experience in implant dentistry, which utilises titanium posts to act as an anchor for bridges, crowns and dentures which look and act like natural, whiter teeth. Our team of highly trained dentists strive to deliver dental excellence and our welcoming support staff are trained and experienced in welcoming you and making you feel at ease during your visit with us.

Your visit

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a member of our friendly staff and asked to complete a medical questionnaire which will give us an insight and overview of you current health. You will then meet with your dentist who will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the condition of your oral health. If treatment is required, we will then review and discuss the options available to you, and together we will design a treatment program which will help you achieve the results you require. We will discuss the costs involved in your treatment and a likely time-scale. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience, allowing you to spread the costs of your treatment with easy affordable monthly payments. If no treatment is needed, we will simply advise you of a maintenance program, in order to ensure your optimum oral health.

Why not get in touch with Wimbledon Dental Care today and discover why getting the smile of your dreams could be a lot simpler than you thought!

How to get straighter teeth in Wimbledon with Invisalign

Thanks to ongoing improvements in the dental industry there are a number of methods at our proverbial fingertips to help you straighten up your smile. One particular treatment we offer that’s popular with patients looking for that perfectly in-line smile is Invisalign. Here’s a brief outline of how this treatment can help you get straighter teeth in Wimbledon.

Straighter Teeth in WimbledonWhat is Invisalign?

If you’re not familiar with this procedure, then here’s a quick breakdown.

Invisalign involves the fitting of a temporary see-through brace over your teeth to correctly realign them using a small amount of gentle pressure. Throughout your treatment, we may also ask you to wear additional mouthguards as your teeth change position over time, to ensure the realignment goes off smoothly.

Brief summary of treatment

Having straighter teeth in Wimbledon couldn’t be any simpler, as this treatment is relatively non-invasive and pretty quick to perform.

A brief outline of the process is as follows, first we get you in for a consultation visit, then from there we would use lasers or LEDs to perform a series of scans of your teeth. With this data we then construct a 3D representation of your mouth using sophisticated software and we can then manipulate this image to show you how we can give you that lovely straight smile.

After this stage the information we gather will be sent off to a lab that will produce your brace that we will then fit and advise you to continue wearing until your treatment is complete, which is usually around 12 months.

At Wimbledon Dental Care our team will take you through the fitting process in a calm and professional manner that will get you on the road to a realigned smile in no time at all.

How to care for your brace

Once the procedure is complete and you’re sitting at home here’s some advice we can provide to help you keep your mouthguard clean.

First, use a recommended brace cleaning solution, then lightly brush this solution across the guard before leaving it to dry in a hard-bodied container to keep it sterile and safe. Generally, we recommend that you do this at least once every other day to help clear out any built-up bacteria and reduce any staining that might start to occur.

Last of all, you can remove your brace to clean your teeth or eat meals, but outside of that you should have it in place at least 22 hours a day to make sure you don’t interrupt the realignment process.

 Further reading

Worth noting is that you may start to feel some discomfort after the treatment, our patients describe ‘pressure’ on their teeth. To counter this just use general painkillers whenever it starts to get a little too much.

These are just a couple of interesting facts about how our Invisalign braces can help you straighten out your teeth. If you’re interested in learning more or want to see how we can shape your smile, then have a chat with your dentist the next time you’re in our practice.

Are you worried about your children’s teeth?

Whether you are a first-time parent worrying about what to do with regard to taking your child to the dentist or just concerned about the condition of your child’s teeth, having a check-up on your children’s teeth in Wimbledon could not be any easier. At Wimbledon Dental Care we endeavour to provide quality treatment for your child as well as you. There are a variety of treatments that our practice offers, for both children and adults. It is advised that you make an appointment with us to see your dental practitioner, as they will be able to inform you of these treatments and answer the questions that you have been longing to ask.

Children’s Teeth in WimbledonWhen should you take your child for their first check-up

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to having that first appointment for your children’s teeth in Wimbledon. Normally it is suggested that you bring your child to our practice when they are twelve months old if they have not produced any teeth yet. However, if their baby teeth start coming through before their first birthday it is recommended that you book an appointment to have a check-up carried out when their first tooth arrives. Children develop at their own rate in life, and this is the same for their teeth. On average a child will have around 7 baby teeth by the time they are twelve months old, but if they do not this is no cause for concern.

After you have brought your child for their first dental appointment, your dental professional will advise you on how often they need to return for another check-up. This can vary between patients, but it is generally recommended that you have an appointment with us twice a year, so we are able to notify you of any changes that are taking place or underlying problems.

What are the benefits of taking your child to the dentist?

At Wimbledon Dental Care we know how important it is to look after your children’s teeth in Wimbledon. Regular check-ups will reduce the chances of tooth decay and poor oral hygiene, but that is not the only reason why you should be bringing your child to see us. When they are younger, we can ensure that their teeth are strong and healthy, but as they start getting older their baby teeth will naturally start to fall out to make way for their adult ones.

When adult teeth come through there is no guarantee that they will be straight and even, despite their baby teeth being so. Visiting us regularly means that one of our many dental professionals will be able to consistently assess the condition of your child’s teeth, and they will be able to inform you if there are any signs indicating that your child may have an over- or underbite and need treatment to address this. They will also be able to educate you about what options are available to your child if their teeth start becoming crooked and uneven. It is important that this is done when they are a child, as not only is it best to catch these things early and reduce the amount of dental work required in the future, but children are usually covered by the NHS for a majority of their treatments, so it could save you some money as well.

Natural tooth or filling?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, when you open your mouth for a good yawn or laugh, people are not given a chance to count how many fillings you have? Imagine if they just saw rows of white teeth with mounds and valleys.

White Fillings in WimbledonIt’s no good wishing you could turn back the clock and be a better tooth-brusher, but you can get rid of the grey look and replace it with white fillings. They look so real that no one will know they are not made of enamel.

Composite resin

White fillings are made from a material called composite resin. This is a mixture of plastic and glass. It has been improved upon over the years and the white fillings of today are much more robust than 20 or 30 years ago. In fact, in many ways white fillings outperform amalgam, and we’re not just talking about looks here.

Stronger teeth

When we put in a white filling here at Wimbledon Dental Care in Wimbledon, we don’t need to remove as much healthy tooth material as we do with amalgam. This means that your tooth is stronger and likely to last longer.

No gaps

If you look at a close-up picture of an amalgam filling, you can often see a little ring around the edge of it. This is a gap. No matter how tightly we pack the cavity, there’s always a tiny gap with amalgam. And any gap is a space that decay-causing bacteria can get into. With white fillings, we can bond the filling material to your tooth, so there is no gap and no chance of decay forming under the filling.

Mounds and valleys

White fillings go in as a paste but are cured and hardened with a UV light. We build them up above the surface of the tooth and then shape them to recreate the chewing surfaces we have had to remove. Amalgam is too soft to do this with. Amalgam fillings are flat and not so effective at chewing.

Next time you need a filling, whether it’s a new filling or to replace one that is failing, do ask about white fillings. We think you’ll like the difference they can make to your mouth.

Clean your food processing areas

Any cook knows that if you leave food in a warm, moist environment, it’s going to go rotten. This is why professional kitchens clean the entire food processing area after every food prep session and have regular deep cleans to get to the more inaccessible areas. When kitchens don’t do that, it won’t be long before the environmental health inspectors are called and the restaurant or café gets shut down.

Dental Hygiene in WimbledonYour mouth is your portable food processing area, and, as such, also needs to be regularly cleaned. You may not get food poisoning if you don’t clean your mouth and teeth, but any food trapped between your teeth will still rot, which can lead to infection. And you will develop other problems such as tooth decay and gum disease from a build-up of plaque.

What is plaque?

Plaque is the name for that sticky film you can feel appearing on your teeth as the day goes by. If you leave it there for more than 3 days, it hardens into a chalky substance called tartar or calculus. Plaque is made up of bacteria that feed on sugar and give off corrosive acids.

What do acids actually do?

Acids from plaque corrode your tooth enamel, making holes through which decay-causing bacteria can enter. These bacteria rot the soft yellow dentin below the enamel and also attack the pulp inside the dentin, which contains a blood supply and nerves. Once the pulp is under attack, you will experience toothache. The rot can lead to infection and you may even lose your tooth.

The acids also inflame and irritate your gums, which is why gums swell up and feel sore. They also pull away from your teeth, creating pockets. Plaque can now get under your gums and start to corrode your tooth roots, which have no enamel as well as your jawbone. This often leads to painful infection. Your teeth become loose and then fall out.

Dental hygiene

This is why at Wimbledon Dental Care in Wimbledon, we recommend that you brush twice daily for 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste and come to us for bi-annual check-ups and deep cleanings. Together we can keep your mouth as clean as your kitchen.

Taking veneers seriously

If you are investing in a great new smile, you want it to look completely suitable for your face. At Wimbledon Dental Care in Wimbledon, we like to take time to make sure that everything is as you want it to be.

That’s why, when you come to us for veneers, you will find that we take longer to make sure your veneers are completely right before we fit them and before we send you on your way with your new smile.

Veneers in WimbledonOne size does not fit all

You’ve probably already noticed that teeth, like fingerprints, are pretty much unique to each person. Your teeth are completely different from your friends’ teeth, in size, shape and colour. They also live in completely different sized and shaped jaws and faces.

So, when you come to us for veneers, we want to be absolutely sure your veneers are right for you, not someone else.

A lot of dental practices talk about fitting veneers in just 2 appointments: one to measure you up and prepare your teeth and the next to fit them. We prefer to take a bit longer. After all, you are going to be wearing your veneers for about the next 10 years, maybe longer, so they’d better look right.

First appointment

The first thing is to make sure that veneers are the right treatment for your issue, or would you be better off with something else, like whitening treatment, or crowns? If veneers are suitable, we will take impressions of your teeth. They go off to a laboratory where highly skilled technicians will make a model of what your teeth will look like with veneers on.

Second appointment

We check you against the model to make sure that the veneers are right, and that you are happy with how your new teeth will look. If you are, the technicians get the go ahead to make the veneers.

Third appointment

We fit the veneers, and adjust them until they look great on you. Before we send you out the door, we give your teeth and veneers one last polish so that your new smile is looking amazing.

This extra step is worth taking. Please call us to find out more.

Get your whites right

There’s nothing like a lovely white smile. Even if your teeth aren’t perfect in every other way, a ding or misalignment for example, if your teeth are white, they somehow don’t seem so obvious. So, if you want to do something about your teeth but don’t know where to start, here at Wimbledon Dental Care in Wimbledon, we suggest you start with the colour of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening in WimbledonThe way we live can have quite an impact on our tooth colour. If you like drinking coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and a glass or two of red wine with your dinner, then you can almost guarantee that your teeth will be stained. Of course, if you also smoke, your teeth will be stained. And if you have used the antibiotic Tetracycline, the colour of your teeth may also have been affected.

So, why not come into us at Wimbledon Dental Care and get all that horrible discolouration removed with our whitening system from Zoom?

Zoom will remove all your surface stains and it will also oxidise your teeth, making the colour of the enamel lighter. In our experience, Zoom is a great product. It is very safe to use and it won’t cause you any pain either.

You can either have your whitening done in the clinic, or you can do it yourself at home. We can use a stronger solution of whitening gel in the clinic than we can give you to take home.

What we find works best for most of our patients is to start with a power whitening session at the clinic. It will take about an hour to get you most of the way to whiter teeth, and then you finish off the treatment at home over the next 3 days.

Your teeth will never be so dull again, but if you carry on living as normal, the whiteness will fade over the next couple of years. We recommend getting a top-up treatment done at home twice a year, or that you come into us for a top-up after about 18 months.

Want to know more? Why not give us a call?

Gearing up for a lovelier smile

Round about now people start thinking about making over one of the rooms in their house. Maybe the bedroom could do with repapering. Maybe the kitchen is looking a bit tired. Or is the hallway.

Cosmetic Dentistry in WimbledonThe urge to makeover is upon us, but there are other things that can be made over and the results won’t go out of fashion anywhere near as quick as that teal sofa suite you are tempted to buy in the sales.

What if you put the money you’d set aside into your smile instead of a new sofa. After all, a smile is something you use plenty of times per day. In terms of cost per grin, getting your smile enhanced with cosmetic dentistry, can be great value. Here at Wimbledon Dental Care, we have a range of cosmetic dental treatments that can brighten up your smile for the coming year. Let’s take a look at a few of them now:

Teeth whitening

This is the world’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, and it’s easy to see why. Teeth whitening can be done at home, or with an added power whitening session here in the clinic. All it takes is for you to come in and get impressions taken so that we can make you a pair of bespoke whitening gel trays. Bespoke trays make sure that there is maximum contact with the whitening gel. You wear the gel-filled trays for a short period every day, until you reach the shade of white you desire. If your teeth are badly stained, you may want to opt for a power whitening session here, followed immediately by a top-up treatment at home.


If you also want veneers, you must get the whitening done first, so that we can match your veneers to your new, whiter smile. Veneers are made of dental porcelain, and are fitted over your teeth to hide imperfections such as chips, worn edges, cracks, gaps and bad stains. Veneers are fitted in just 2 sessions and can last for 10 years or more if you look after them well.

If you’re not sure what needs to be done to improve your smile, why not come in for a consultation?

What are your plans for 2019?

There’s something about New Year that wipes the slate clean and brings people clarity in their planning and goal setting. We can somehow cut through the daily detail and think big again about what irks us, what we’d like to change and how we see ourselves being in one years’ time.

Six Month Smiles in WimbledonHave you thought about your plans for 2019? If you are thinking about investing in how you look and your health, you could join the gym, again, and stop going after mid-February. Or you could make an investment in your teeth, both looks-and health-wise that will only take 4-9 months to complete, and is guaranteed to work.

We are talking about Six Month Smiles discreet braces from us at Wimbledon Dental Care in Wimbledon.

Never heard of Six Month Smiles?

Great. Read on and learn all about them.

Six Month Smiles are bracket and wire braces, but with a modern twist. Instead of the big metal things you remember from 1980s kids’ movies, these use clear ceramic brackets and very thin wires with a tooth-coloured coating.

Six Months Smiles were invented by dentists to deal with the most commonly requested alignment issues, that is, wonky front teeth. When we say front teeth, we don’t just mean the 2 at the very front, but the 6-8 teeth that are most on view when we talk and smile.

These teeth only have one root each, so they are much easier to shift than the pre-molars at the sides of your mouth, and the molars at the back, which have 3 roots each. This means we can use much gentler forces, and so the brackets and wires are smaller.

It also means it takes less time to move teeth, which is why 6 months is the average treatment time, although it can be as long as 9 months. Once your treatment is over, you will also have to wear a retainer. This can be bonded to the backs of your teeth, or be a mouth guard-style retainer that you wear at night. This holds your teeth in their new, correct positions while the newly made bone settles down around them.