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Six Month Smiles in Wimbledon

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It's no fun havingcrowded or crooked teeth. But it's also no surprise that many adults have delayed getting their teeth straightened because it has always been a long, uncomfortable process and the braces have never looked good – until now.

Huge advances have made orthodontics much quicker, more comfortable and more discreet, and thousands of people are joining the orthodontic revolution, reaping the benefits of straight teeth and greater self-confidence.

Wimbledon Dental Care is an accredited provider of Six Month Smiles, probably the world's best-known fast orthodontics system. With Six Month Smiles it takes just a few months to solve common problems like crowding, twisted and misaligned teeth, and unwanted spaces. This is the smart orthodontic treatment for busy people.


Most adults who want their teeth straightened are concerned about the ones in the front that are most visible when they smile, often called the "social six", and this is the main focus of modern fast orthodontics systems like Six Month Smiles. Traditional orthodontics usually involves moving all of the teeth, including the molars – the teeth at the back. Adjusting your bite by moving the molars takes a long time but withSix Month Smiles, where we can concentrate just on the front teeth, the whole process becomes much quicker, taking six months on average.

Almost invisible

Six Month Smiles braces are much less visible, thanks to tooth-coloured brackets and wires, so the days of "train tracks" that you could see from a distance are largely gone. For the short time you will be wearing these braces, you can be confident that few people will notice them. The other good thing now, too, is that you are not alone – the world is full of people like you, seizing the day.

More comfortable

Because of the amount of work they need to do, traditional braces use quite a lot of force to move the teeth and this can be very uncomfortable. Six Month Smiles, on the other hand, uses much milder forces, so is more comfortable.

The process

Examination: Every case starts with a consultation. We examine the teeth and decide if your case is suitable for Six Month Smiles. If major orthodontic work is required, we can refer you to a specialist. If yours is a Six Month Smiles case, we take impressions and photos of your teeth. This provides the information for the laboratory to shape the wires and calculate the required position and angle of each bracket on the teeth.

Fitting: The brackets are bonded to your teeth and the wires are attached to the brackets.

Adjustments: You will visit us every four or five weeks so that we can check the braces and make adjustments where necessary.

Finishing: After the braces are removed, you have the option of some finishing touches to achieve the most aesthetic result. This includes teeth whitening as well as repairs to any chips or nicks that are still visible. The final outcome is a mini smile makeover. We think you will be amazed by how much this treatment changes how you look.

Long-term care: Without something to prevent it, your teeth will want to return to something like their former positions. To prevent that, and prevent you losing all the benefit of your new smile, we fit every Six Month Smiles patient with a retainer. This retainer is bonded to the back of the teeth, so is out of sight.

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Contact us

If you are unhappy with your smile, we can do something about it and change your life in the process. So don't delay, call us on 020 8946 6546 to make an appointment, or send an email via this website and we will reply quickly.

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Six Month Smiles

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